Cynthia Barnes

Founder and CEO at National Association of Women Sales Professionals

Cynthia Barnes is not just any sales guru - she's the Queen of Sales! Rocking the top 1% of sales and spearheading both the National Association of Women Sales Professionals and THRIVE.

Bagging titles like LinkedIn's Top Voice and Salesforce's Top Sales Influencer not once, not twice, but three times! Making waves as the first Black woman to keynote a major sales event, and rocking the author scene three times over.

From city-hopping across 20 locales to finding sales wisdom in every corner of life, Cynthia isn't just breaking barriers; she's setting the stage on fire!

Cynthia Barnes's view of the Modern Sales Leader

To me, being a modern sales leader isn't just about hitting quotas or climbing corporate ladders.

From the scenic vistas of Greentown, Indiana, where each sunset narrated tales of challenge and triumph, my foundation was laid. My father, a trailblazer in the Air Force, always reminded me that the sky wasn't my limit—it was my launchpad. Today, I'm not just working in sales; I'm rewriting its script. With every deal I close, I'm also opening doors for diversity, ensuring everyone has a seat at the table, and making waves with initiatives like the National Association of Women Sales Professionals and THRIVE. It's not the awards or titles that fuel me—it's the chance to be the voice for those unheard and to break barriers, like when I stood as the first Black woman keynote speaker at a major sales event.

Sales, to me, is more than business—it's an art. From relishing a new cuisine to understanding the nuances of interior design, every experience deepens my sales wisdom. In every city I've called home, I've realized every client, like every place, has a story. My mission? To ensure their stories are heard and celebrated. In this evolving sales landscape, I'm not just leading; I'm igniting change.

This is what Modern Sales Leadership looks like to me. I look forward to recognizing others that are carving a new path for success while making big waves.

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