Doug Robinson

Co-President at Workday

Doug is Co-President of Workday, responsible for overseeing the company's sales efforts across the globe and all industries, and for driving Workday's continued revenue growth in new and emerging markets.

Doug joined Workday in 2010 and most recently served as senior vice president, responsible for all North America sales. Prior to that, he held a variety of sales leadership roles at the company focused on both medium and large enterprise customer segments, as well as previously leading the education & government business and sales strategy. Prior to Workday, Doug served in various sales roles at both Peoplesoft and Oracle from 2003 to 2010.

Doug holds a bachelor's degree in finance and management information systems from Ohio University.

Doug Robinson's view of the Modern Sales Leader

In my experience, the most successful sales leader today can have a myriad of backgrounds, but they all do a few things exceptionally well. A modern sales leader:

  1. Communicates with purpose. You simplify a sea of complexity to rally your team of sellers, the broader GTM function, and the entire company around a focused set of priorities that will drive top-line growth. And then use compelling storytelling to bring your message to life.
  2. Moves with agility. Priorities can shift fast and furious but you adapt with intention - you don't succumb to the latest fads. You're open to change in anticipation of market-driven demands. And when change comes, you lean into a Socratic approach to bringing people with you.
  3. Leads with values. You never stray from your value system no matter the short term business demands - employees and customers are ALWAYS first. Your strategy will change, your values forever remain the same.
  4. Empowers their people. You let your leaders define their own stretch goals and they push beyond anything you can come up with on their behalf. And you have the added benefit of accountability which is by definition, their own goal!

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