Amy Volas

Founder & CEO at Avenue Talent Partners

I've got more than $100MM in revenue sold from my enterprise sales career over the last 20+ years selling products and services along with leading sales teams. I've started 3 companies, been part of 2 exits, and have learned A LOT along the way.

I started Avenue Talent Partners (ATP) to help startup founders nail the hiring process for executive sales and customer success leaders. Understanding what makes a business and a person tick while looking for patterns and themes is a superpower. I like to fix things to make them better.

Sales and recruiting aren't dissimilar (currently finishing a book on the topic). The same principles that made me successful in sales translate to how I run, grow, and sustain my recruiting business. Outside of ATP, I advise early-stage founders on GTM and hiring strategies and mentor the next generation of modern sales leaders.

What being a Modern Sales Leader means to Amy Volas

Sales is my first business love.

I've been in the ecosystem for over two decades... I have learned learned a thing or two, messed up more than a thing or two, and have a burning desire to never stop honing my craft while paying all of my lessons forward.

Leaving the sales profession better than when I found it gets me out of bed in the morning. Modern takes on old tried and true foundational principles is one of my favorite parts of being in this profession.

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