Beau Brooks

VP of Worldwide Sales at

Beau Brooks is the VP of Worldwide Sales at With over 15 years of sales and customer team leadership experience in the software space, Beau is an industry leader in building high-growth teams focused on value-based sales strategies.

He enjoys helping customers leverage software that improves processes and efficiency, enabling them to work on what drives their business to win. Prior to, Beau was the VP of Sales at Factorial and the SVP of Sales and CX at Formstack.

When he's not leading teams you can find him trail running in the mountains of Colorado or dominating in Uno with his family.

What being a Modern Sales Leader means to Beau Brooks

Being a modern sales leader involves adapting to the rapidly changing business landscape and leveraging new strategies, technologies, and leadership styles to drive sales success.

A modern sales leader is someone who combines traditional sales acumen with a forward-thinking mindset. This means staying up to date on new trends in sales and guiding the team to be adaptable to changes that improve performance.

Modern sales leaders work cross functionally to better the entire customer journey. They demand the same from their teams and build highly collaborative organizations that don't let remote work stand in the way of innovation.

Technology sits as a key pillar of a modern sales leader's strategy. They implement tools that maximize the strengths of their team and look to automate the low value, "busy work" that slows down sales. They operate a tech stack that makes the organization shine.

Finally, a modern sales leader is out front, leading, coaching and sharing best practices not only with their teams, but also with the industry. They are a thought leader in an age where change is constant. Their default mode is coaching and development. This is possible by leveraging technology to come out of the ivory tower and onto the arena floor with the team!

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