Chantel George

CEO at Sistas in Sales

What being a Modern Sales Leader means to Chantel George

As the CEO of Sistas in Sales, I believe that being a modern sales leader means embracing change, prioritizing diversity, and focusing on customer success.

This industry is constantly evolving, and we must be agile enough to adapt to new technologies, strategies, and economic conditions if we want to remain competitive. It's no longer enough to rely on the sales tactics of yesterday - leaders today must be innovative and forward-thinking. We also cannot ignore how far behind the sales world has been on diversity.

As an organization run by women of color for women of color, Sistas in Sales is committed to bringing more female voices and perspectives into sales leadership. Modern leaders must reflect the diversity of our customers and stakeholders if we want to drive meaningful progress. Most importantly, customer-centricity has to sit at the heart of sales leadership today.

Revenue goals and quotas will always matter, but we can never lose sight of the people our products and services aim to serve. Beyond hitting targets, our metric of success must be customer satisfaction, loyalty and success enabled by what we provide.

The future of sales leadership rests on being flexible, inclusive and customer-obsessed. At Sistas in Sales, this is the model of leadership we are building and the legacy we intend to leave. We don't claim to have all the answers, but are excited to push this industry forward together with empathy, compassion and care for the people we serve.

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