Cliff Simon

CRO at Carabiner Group

With nearly two decades of broad technology experience, Cliff has anchored GTM teams across the SaaS and Service industries. Having worked in both Fortune 20 and High-growth startups, Cliff prefers the fast pace and the ability to deliver significant impact that comes with working in the start-up space.

Cliff is an advisor and fractional executive for several high-growth start-ups where he utilizes his expertise in all things GTM and RevOps and is an active leader of GTM in multiple communities.

What being a Modern Sales Leader means to Cliff Simon

At its core, putting the customer first and building for the future. I think too often companies have focused on top line growth at the expense of the customer experience.

It also means being a steward of the capital, both human and financial, that you've been entrusted to maintain.

I'm a strong believer in word of mouth and community led growth. Enabling our buyers in the B2B world to buy the way they buy in the B2C is the key to unlocking lower CAC, greater PMF and increased client satisfaction.

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