Gabrielle Blackwell

Sales Development Manager, Mid-Market at Culture Amp

I've been leading front line sales development teams since 2016. My hope and my drive comes from a desire to demonstrate a higher standard of sales leadership for early in career sales professionals.

By taking a people- and goal-oriented approach, I've supported turn around team efforts at companies like Gong, Airtable and Culture Amp. Along the way, I've documented what has worked (and what hasn’t) from a leadership and management perspective.
This has led to launching my sales management content brand, The One on One, which provides practical sales management tips to an audience of over 15,000 readers.

What being a Modern Sales Leader means to Gabrielle Blackwell

Modern sales leaders — or just real leaders — recognize what's at stake for their people.

As someone born into a family of entrepreneurs and the daughter of a single, career oriented woman, I saw first hand how much of a toll work takes on the lives of employees and their loved ones.

When leaders refuse or neglect to take the success of their people — where success means health, overall well-being, as well as performance — they're not being leaders. They're figureheads. Being a modern sales leader means taking more accountability for our people's sense of well-being, but that requires doing the work to get better at managing, diagnosing issues, delivering feedback, coaching, and facilitating growth and innovation.

Being a modern sales leadership means recognizing everyone's strengths and creating the conditions for everyone to have as much access to being successful, regardless of their gender, race, experience, or identity. Being a modern sales leader means being in service to creating better and more flexible work conditions for the next generation of sales talent. And being a modern sales leader means doing the work to advocate for better conditions for everyone.

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