Michael Blumental

CRO at Hyro

As an ambitious woman in the dynamic world of emerging technologies, I've consistently pushed sales innovation to its limits, scaling three startups from nascent stages to triumphant industry players. My journey mirrors my adventurous spirit, blending a passion for groundbreaking technology with a steadfast commitment to sales leadership.

This entrepreneurial zeal has shaped my professional identity and has been pivotal in transforming challenges into tangible opportunities for growth and success. My career began as an intelligence officer, where I honed foundational skills in discipline, project management, and team leadership. This early experience was instrumental in shaping my approach to leadership, equipping me with the ability to handle significant responsibilities from a young age. This set the groundwork for my future successes in the tech world.

At mce Systems, while studying computer science, I started as an engineer and quickly discovered a passion for customer relationship management. This led to a rapid ascent, managing a team of 50 by age 25, overseeing diverse areas like Project Management, Customer Success, Quality Control, Field Engineering, and 24/7 Support. My experience at Spotinst further refined my sales leadership, as I built a sales organization from the ground up. This venture enhanced my skills in crafting and executing effective sales strategies in dynamic environments.

Now, at Hyro, in my role as Chief Revenue Officer, I blend my technical background with innovative sales strategies. I've been key in introducing conversational AI to the healthcare industry, forging deep relationships with industry stakeholders and tailoring AI solutions to meet their needs, crucial in scaling our sales organization and driving revenue growth. Outside of work, I live in Oakland with my partner and our cat. My enthusiasm for rock climbing and road trips mirrors my professional life, where I continuously explore new frontiers in technology and sales.

What being a Modern Sales Leader means to Michael Blumental

To me, a modern sales leader embodies the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with a forward-thinking mindset. As a CRM connoisseur, I relish harnessing the latest tools, not just for the sake of innovation but for the tangible enhancements they bring to efficiency and insight.

Building Hyro's sales organization from the ground up in the challenging healthcare industry, I've had to innovate constantly. This journey goes beyond mere technology; it's a redefinition of the norm. Stepping away from traditional sales frameworks, I focus on cultivating lasting relationships and a visionary approach, steering clear of the transient allure of immediate pressures. This meant understanding the unique needs of healthcare professionals and aligning our AI solutions to meet these needs while simplifying complex data into meaningful interactions.

In this role, I'm practicing staying grounded in the present moment -- the only way to gain a vivid view of future goals. It's about making decisions that are informed by a clear understanding of the current landscape, free from the clutter of past experiences or future anxieties. Adopting a 'beginner's mind' is instrumental in this process, as it nurtures a sense of curiosity and openness. This mindset is a catalyst for fresh perspectives and paves the way for trailblazing strategies that redefine what's possible.

For instance, in leading Hyro's sales initiatives, I approached each client interaction with an open mind, often leading to custom solutions that precisely addressed their unique challenges. Moreover, my role as a modern sales leader is intertwined with a commitment to reshaping the industry's fabric. This involves championing and uplifting women in a domain where their presence and contributions have been traditionally limited.

By actively participating in top conferences and sharing insights on AI in healthcare, I've established myself as a thought leader and demonstrated the critical role of female leadership in sales. Being a modern sales leader transcends the conventional goal of meeting sales targets; it's about forging new paths and establishing a refreshed, inclusive standard for what sales leadership encompasses.

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