Michael Szczachor

VP of Air Pollution Control at LDX Solutions

Michael is a seasoned senior leader with over 15 years of expertise spanning engineering, sales, business development, product design, and program and operations management. His career trajectory includes roles such as Plant Engineer, Division Engineering Manager, LSS Black Belt, Applications Engineer, Project Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and Director of Sales.

Specializing in building and enhancing customer relationships, he focuses on driving step-function revenue improvements within teams. Michael excels in creating value propositions for complex technical solutions across the energy, refinery, industrial, and technology industries.

What being a Modern Sales Leader means to Michael Szczachor

The modern sales leader is characterized by their adept fusion of traditional principles and contemporary strategies. Their customer-centric focus prioritizes personalized experiences and long-term relationships. With agile and strategic thinking, coupled with a strong embrace of technology, they navigate market changes seamlessly.

Fostering a collaborative and inclusive team culture, they empower sales teams with the tools for success. Ethical practices, global awareness, and a commitment to continuous learning underscore their leadership. Results-oriented and innovative, a modern sales leader stands out as a beacon of excellence in the ever-evolving sales landscape.

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