Taylor Wilding

VP, Sales - NA Growth & Commercial at Xactly Corporation

My career in sales didn't take a traditional path. Prior to moving into Sales, I was drafted in the 13th round of the 2005 Major League Baseball first-year players out of Cal Poly Pomona where I was an All-American. I chose my sales career pathway post-baseball due to my innate desire to compete while helping others realize the value of the solution(s) I offer.

Much of my competitive spirit, sportsmanship, attention to detail, and dedication to data-driven decisions that I learned as a professional baseball player have been parlayed into my role as a Modern Sales Leader.

What being a Modern Sales Leader means to Taylor Wilding

One of Xactly's core values as a company is accountability. Being an Xactlian means bringing this characteristic to work every day and acting in a way that inspires both your team and yourself to follow through on your promises. For me, effectively managing the sales forecast plays a critical role in building accountability and maintaining personal credibility.

Xactly Forecasting allows me to gain insights from the data, take strategic actions, and improve win rates. In sales, calling the number is a big part of your accountability and reputation and successful sales leaders take this seriously.

I also believe that part of holding yourself accountable means continuous reinvention and staying committed to always being your best. Going back to the fundamentals of selling and making adjustments based on changed circumstances can also reignite motivation and drive success.

Last but certainly not least, I always emphasize that what you do outside of work is critical to job performance. Are you remaining physically active? Do you devote time to your family and loved ones? Do you take time to nurture your passions? All of these things are critical to the modern sales leader. They prevent burnout, keep you sharp, and lead to more balance between work and life.

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